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37.1 Not Exactly as I Expected

March 17, 2015

I am an admitted perfectionist.

So, I have a hard time resetting my mind to “growth mindset” when I do something that doesn’t quite work as well as I would like.

And yes, I realize I should not like this trait. I don’t always.

But it explains why I am slightly disappointed in the results after firing my glazed pots from a couple of weeks ago.

I know now why not many pots start off with the dark colors as the base, it’s hard to tell if the glaze is done “thick enough” to be dark.

Some areas of these pieces I did well, but mostly I am disappointed with the coverage of my coating.

Which the lady at the shop told me would happen.

Anyway, here is my plate after glazing & firing.

dahlia plate after glazing

It’s not so bad, but just not exactly as I expected or pictured in my mind. I did the design great. But I did not do the coverage of the glaze great.

That’s okay, I can use this plate & be reasonably happy with it.

The mug I am less happy with, I should have stopped at one item that day.

Here is the flower side:

glazed mug flower side

And here is the border side:

glazed mug border side

Learning experience, yes I know. And now I can have a flower vase for the next time I ever have flowers.

I think the dark just doesn’t work quite as well because it’s so hard to tell if you have a good coating.

Actually I could tell I was getting tired of sitting there, and wanting to go while I was painting the mug. The wide brush strokes I was doing on the mug and the warning that using a little goes a long way I convinced myself at the time it was fine.

The right thing to do to keep on painting until I also got the mug done.

Actually, the right thing to do would have been to plan the mug better and go back another time.

Luckily, it’s not all that expensive, it’s just a tiny bit challenging to get off work, get all my food stuff done and then drive there to go out & paint.

But I still have the dream of the red & black mug that matches my King’s Puzzle quilt.

So I will plan to go & do that sometime.

My 15 minute a day March-A-Long challenge isn’t going quite as well either, but I have been working on hand applique about 5 minutes every day. And I cleaned up some stray fabric I had out & about in my sewing room that was starting to drive me nuts.

How’s your month? Better?



5.7 A tiny bit about family and crafting

April 11, 2010

No I didn’t fall off the earth.

I just have been busy with home life and stuff.

This week I’ll get in touch with the winner of the moda charm pack and post it on my blog.

This past weekend has been anything but restful and my home projects have taken over my mind.  Sad, but no podcast this weekend. Perhaps I can do it in the middle of the week?  Next weekend I have plans too, so maybe not for a little while.

I’ve just not been sitting down at the computer hardly at all, and overtime at work again, and … okay you don’t want to hear that.

Over at the Big Tent group which is going really well, I asked a question about family and crafting.

Here is what I asked:

I was just wondering a few things about family (maybe this should be a poll?) How many of you learned to craft or quilt from your family? How many of you learned to craft or quilt and then taught someone else in your family? How many of you learned to craft or quilt and then found out later that other family also learned (separately) to craft or quilt? Do you work on family craft days together?
Who in your family crafts (if anyone)? Or do you just have friends that are good enough to consider family that craft with you?

There have already been lots of good replies.  Here is mine.

Wow thanks for all your thoughtful answers already.  My answers: I am sure my grandma used to crochet, I used to see doll tops with crocheted dress bottoms over bottles all the time, but never taught me.  I did get some glass beads from her also when she was going to be moving, and so she was crafty.  One aunt made these little dough pins but never taught me either (my mom tried to duplicate it with us, but not a ton of luck there).  On the other side my aunts were really into cross stitch and gave me a preprinted cat design which they taught me and I cross stitched in one color, and then when it was done, my aunt made it into a pillow that is still at my dad’s house on display.  I received a lot of crafty gifts for christmas, but never did a ton of crafting – sometimes at my grandma’s house if someone brought a craft to work on (aka the wreath), but nothing all that often.  Taught myself to sew by reading vintage books in the car on long trips and hand sewn a few pillows for my sister with wonderful fabric while watching movies (used a running stitch and whip stitch).  Found out that sparkly fabric does not work well for pillows if you don’t want a shiny face in the morning.

Surprisingly there was a class on machine quilting in my middle school during activity period (you could take something for a quarter – i took that, and cross stitch, and candy making, and band … it was fun!) and I made a log cabin block which is also still at my dad’s house.  There were so many rules, but it got me used to a sewing machine.  I think one activity period I made a cupcake felted pillow out of a kit too, but that’s really vague.

Long story short last year I taught myself to quilt, and then in the summer found out that two aunts have taken up quilting independantly of my knowledge and so it’s nice to have something in common with them.  Live a decent amount of hours away from both of them and so having family craft days don’t seem that likely.  Don’t go back home all that often any more.  A few nieces seem to like crafting a little bit, but again, no time to spend with them doing that for various reasons.

Maybe someday I’ll get my lost crafts at my dad’s house.  Or at least get pictures of them anyway.

Here is an example of the type of fabric I used to make a pillow (not a pillow case, but a pillow) for my sister.  One day she woke up with sparkly over her face and we didn’t realize why for a couple of days until we saw the sparkles on the pillow.  Doh.