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7.2 What are your broken dreams?

July 5, 2010

Do you have broken dreams?

Have you ever faced a time when you knew you didn’t want to keep doing what you were doing, but at the same time didn’t know what you wanted to do instead?

Or did some other circumstances force you from doing what you really wanted to do?  In your career?  In your goals?

Did you want to learn something and were not able to do so (such as knitting, or a quilting process) no matter how hard you tried?

Did something you did as a career interfere with your quilting and crafting goals?

Or did you have such an amazing career or experience that it completely inspired your quilting goals?

Did you ever bomb a class that you wanted to take and do well on?

Did you overcome your broken dreams?  If so how?

Do you have broken dreams?  Would you like to share something that would be put on the podcast?

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