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17.8 Exothermic Design Wall

July 26, 2011

This design wall is HOT like the temperature outside.

I finally decided to work on my border and was going to go with the design I posted on Sunday.

And I didn’t want to do the math involved with the setting triangles for my blocks.  So I made the black blocks slightly bigger than what I needed, eyeballing it!

Which gave the most amazing stained glass look to my blocks, which I just adored!

So I sewed the borders blocks together.

I still have 10 more to go for the design but I’m making progress!

And I’m just loving this so far!

So I finally decided to put my specially purchased fabrics into EQ7, and here’s what I anticipate, is my final design!

I made the corners into the design, wasn’t sure why I hadn’t already done this, to tell the truth.

The only thing I might do from here would be to add another black border on the outside edge.

Now I have to go calculate my fabric strips, finish up the border blocks, start on the sashing and the cornerstones, and the stripped borders.

Feeling pretty good about it, and feeling pretty hot!