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20.7 Journey Sashing Fantastic Fabric

November 11, 2011

My journey steps quilt now has fantastic sashing for the strips.

Here is the fantastic fabric I found last weekend shipped to me.  On top of the fabric are some parts of the sashing that has been serving as leaders & enders.

The fabric is dark, colorful and not anything exactly like what I already have.  This sashing has to go around the entire quilt, one inch wide at a time.

I wanted to see what it would look like and show you at the same time, so here is a section of my quilt and an example of how my sashing I want to look like in between the section.

Mostly so you can get an idea. There are three sections to this quilt and each will have this narrow sashing in between the sections.

And here’s the close-up of what that will look like.  I am really liking this dark & colorful sashing borders, I am glad I found it!

I also am finding myself away from the computer for the entirety of next week too, and things this week were even more busy than the previous week because of arrangements that have to be made.

So, even though I had planned to tough it out & get back to you (with another podcast) on the 19th & 20th, it may not be until afterwards.

I am hoping I can at least reply to you all some time on Sunday, but in case I don’t get to (which it looks like I may not be able to), have a good week next week too!

(I’ll be glad when things settle down, that’s for sure!)


19.3 Journey Steppin

September 5, 2011

Wow, I actually sit down to sew and I get 8 more blocks completed yesterday, in addition to several border blocks done.

And 6 more blocks cut out ready to sew!

These Journey Steps blocks are incredibly addicting!

Here’s where I last left before last weekend.


Much smaller than I ultimately wanted for these blocks.  But at the time of the swap, I was completely satisfied with these.

Then last weekend, I made 6 blocks, which you also already saw.

Then with the 8 new blocks yesterday and the blocks together, I now have this for my design.

And I couldn’t resist looking at the borders too!

I laid down beside the quilt at this point to see how much it would cover of me, and I still want it longer, so I’ll need a minimum of 6 more blocks.

But then, I kept thinking about the DNA inspired design I originally had, but then decided to group the ‘DNA’ blocks into groups of 2 rows each.


Again, still needs to be longer, but this got me thinking I may even be able to quilt this on Molly & take a second stab at a quilt as you go method.

To do this right, it needs the right color sashing, but although I’m not settled on the idea, I am now (again) considering this design.

I had wanted to do this design because it loosely reminds me of DNA, but the strips weren’t separated and I didn’t like it all that much that way.

Anyway, something to make some more progress on.  The blocks are easy to create, but I do love “chunking” (to borrow a term used for something else) my production in groups (sets).  It makes things much more happy for me.

May or may not do something to commemorate the 911 anniversary next weekend.  But getting back to doing the things I love is actually one way I feel safe & secure during unsettled times.  Was something I greatly appreciated on that day!


19.1 Design Wall DeJaVu

August 29, 2011

So I bring you something on my design wall that has been there before. Usually my design wall is just a place to store completed (or half completed) blocks.  Today is no exception.

First I have some more Journey Steps blocks on my wall.

I am hoping that I can get these integrated with the rest soon. But I think I still need more.

I found out that the website from the pattern is defunct. I would have liked to link back to it eventually.

And no, I’m not going to post the pdf here, but I can always explain how I made this block if you wanna know.  think 4 patch inside 4 patch inside 4 patch.

I also received a nice set of light strips from Victoria at PeacebrookQuilting.  She completely deserves a great big shout out!  Can’t wait to put these into a few more blocks!


Next on the design wall

And next, I was fooling around with some of the left over triangles from my card trick quilt, and decided to make a few blocks for the back – because that’s now my signature style.

I know I could put these on the front, but I only have enough for these three blocks – my burgundy is gone after this. AND, I am not buying any more of the background fabric for this.

I was just messing around with the little hourglass blocks & put 4 together, and another 4 together.  Made me feel ‘designerish’ even though I made a design that’s been done before.  Really felt through the process of the design, ya know?

The block on the bottom I purposefully finished as a broken dishes block rather than a pinwheel.


And a few days left before starting the 5 inch fabric swap.  5 inch squares, how cute!



13.5 Batik Journey Steps

March 9, 2011

Come with me as we take a journey with batiks.

First we’ll journey with purple and green blocks.

Next we’ll journey with gold and fushia (?) blocks.

Then we’ll journey with purple and blue blocks.

and we can journey into an unintentional fussy cut block center.

and we can journey to the leftovers on the design wall.

and we can journey into a more advanced step of the block.

And we can journey to the completed two purple and green blocks for the swap I am in.

6 in a set, and I haven’t determined exactly how many sets yet, but at this moment in time, I have 2 more blocks to go for a complete set.  I may do up to 3-4 sets … right now that’s what it’s looking like … but we’ll see.