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6.9 Machine Quilter’s Showcase Pictures Part 2

June 9, 2010

… more quilt pictures from Machine Quilter’s Showcase.

7) Quilting depicting far off history. 

A midevil quilt with crests and dragons that has a similar monochromatic feel with tons of detail and contrast.

Some of the detailed quilting that makes this quilt.

High contrast and expressive borders makes me think of Egypt.

Speaking of Egypt, the Book of the Dead quilt depicts wonderful Egyptian writing and pictures.

 8) Getting over my “fear” of using orange.  Orange is the STAR in these quilts which were amazing.

These butterflies were large, you had a sense of being swallowed by them, but it was amazing.

An actual orange star set with aqua.  Also something to consider for color study.

9) Nature quilts that show wonderful scenes

Aztec (or maybe it’s Mayan?) inspired quilt.  Also could be considered a historical quilt.

A wonderful round quilt that makes you think of the desert.

An old and common scene showing the natural wear and tear of a door.  Love it

Detail of some of the bricks!

As a Kansan I am “duty-bound” to love sunflowers, and this offset version with the crazy blue background is amazing.  So picturesque!

This quilt has birds but are fractured, possibly showing movement or something about the artist and how they were feeling, or neither of these ideas.

… you want to see more? …


6.8 Machine Quilter’s Showcase Pictures Part 1

June 8, 2010

Last month I went to the Machine Quilter’s Showcase in Kansas City.  This may be discussed in the podcast a little bit (no – not ready to record the rest yet – voice still bad).  Since I haven’t been recording, lets just put up gratuitious (but yummy) pictures of quilts that I will take a long time to gain the excellent skills shown here.  Very different being at a national show vs. a local show, but at the same time – not.  Hard to ‘xplain.

This time I was BAD BAD BAD in getting credit for what was due each quilter so I don’t have any names of quilts and quilt artists, but if YOU happen to see your quilt in this post, comment below and I’ll try to get it in a corrected post later.

1) Thread painting at the beach.  Black quilt.  All the color done with thread.  Awesome!

More thread painting of parrots!

More thread painting (I think) of geisha.

2) This quilt was white to start with and details were colored in by the quilt artist!

Subtlety of red and purple on this quilt.

3) I saw a listener’s quilt – Vicki’s mouse’s eye quilt – in person.  Boy the beading on that was amazing!  I was speechless to see something I had seen on the blog in person.

4) Photographs and real objects for inspiration.  I loved this cat picture quilt with picture board.

5) Many spirograph style quilts, many done on black.  Takes me back to the 80’s and little gears with numbers on them. 

6) Color study.  The following quilts I liked particularly for their color choices.  Who says some colors don’t mix?

Purple and red awesomeness. 

The triple nine patch convinces me that I can do aqua (one of my favorites) with red and it can be striking.

A veritable conglomeration of colors on this quilt just make me smile.

Lime green has a place next to purple if needed!

And the background on this shows that not every quilt needs to be backed with white (or variation) or black (or variation) to be effective.

… that’s all for today.  I’ll break up this eye candy into several posts so you can have some continued quilty goodness for the week!