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25.7 Some Pictures from MQS

May 24, 2012

None of these quilts are mine.

I put these quilts together in groupings that may or may not have been grouped this way at MQS.

Remember that MQS is Machine Quilter’s Showcase, so the machine quilting on these quilts are amazing!

The first slideshow is a grouping of geometric quilts.

Then I put together a slide show of traditional based quilts.

Then I had a slideshow of whole cloth and embroidery quilts (no applique that I can see)

And I noticed several quilts were storm at sea quilts.

And the theme of Under The Sea quilts were shown in these quilts or inspired by them.

There are more, but this is what I have done currently. Enjoy the machine quilting and designs!


25.6 SQ Episode 043 – Meetup at MQS

May 20, 2012

Podcast feed

In this show I talk about my experiences of going to our international/national/semilocal/local show “Machine Quilters Showcase” which I helped out on two different occasions, and discuss some things that go on in quilt shows that you may or may not know.¬† Some of the behind the scenes stuff for the show in the tasks that I was able to do.

First I talk about my experience receiving quilts, and what that involves, and next about working on putting ribbons on the quilts, and some of the “last minute details” getting cleaned up before the show.

This is the stack of boxes just before getting the quilts out ready to sort and analyze them.

This is a small stack of quilts after sorting and folding some (maybe a 10th of the total were done by this time?) This is still when we’re unboxing things.

Here is the “ribbon committee” who were helping with sorting and organizing ribbons for placement on the quilts.

And here are the pretty ribbons we placed on the quilts.

And a particularly sparkly quilt that we loved the way it looked with the low light. This is the back (YES YOU HEARD ME) the back of the quilt.

Then I discuss meeting Jackie and Robin and a little bit about our day. If you can stick with the podcast until near the end you get to hear the small amount of audio that we recorded (just a hi and goodbye mainly in addition to many many giggles).

And here is Robin, me, and Jackie. I wore that shirt because I thought it’d be easy to spot me. ūüôā Had a couple of guys from up north tell me that the shirt was nice later in the day due to the logo.

And here is the BEST OF SHOW quilt that I was able to help move the plastic underneath the quilt prior to showing. And I pinned the ribbon on it (with white gloves).

Um…. I didn’t get the picture of the full quilt like I had thought. Too much to do/see I guess.¬† So you’ll have to just take my word on it.

I didn’t get the pictures all uploaded or analyzed yet. But if you like these, there are more to come later!¬† Enjoy!


6.9 Machine Quilter’s Showcase Pictures Part 2

June 9, 2010

… more quilt pictures from Machine Quilter’s Showcase.

7) Quilting depicting far off history. 

A midevil quilt with crests and dragons that has a similar monochromatic feel with tons of detail and contrast.

Some of the detailed quilting that makes this quilt.

High contrast and expressive borders makes me think of Egypt.

Speaking of Egypt, the Book of the Dead quilt depicts wonderful Egyptian writing and pictures.

¬†8) Getting over my “fear” of using orange.¬† Orange is the STAR in these quilts which were amazing.

These butterflies were large, you had a sense of being swallowed by them, but it was amazing.

An actual orange star set with aqua.  Also something to consider for color study.

9) Nature quilts that show wonderful scenes

Aztec¬†(or maybe it’s¬†Mayan?)¬†inspired quilt.¬† Also could be considered a historical quilt.

A wonderful round quilt that makes you think of the desert.

An old and common scene showing the natural wear and tear of a door.  Love it

Detail of some of the bricks!

As a Kansan I am “duty-bound” to love sunflowers, and this offset version with the crazy blue background is amazing.¬† So picturesque!

This quilt has birds but are fractured, possibly showing movement or something about the artist and how they were feeling, or neither of these ideas.

… you want to see more? …