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28.0 SQ Ep 048 – TaDa – Mystery Revealed

October 21, 2012

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Ya know how hard it is keeping a secret from yourself?  Sometimes it’s relatively easy. You do things and you don’t always know why.

Sometimes its a tiny bit hard. Once you see something, you can’t unsee it.

Well as I mentioned in my previous episode, I went to a mystery quilt workshop during the weekend.

I broke into my thoughts about halfway through the quilt top center to share with you some of the things I was thinking about when making this quilt.

For some reason, I am not wanting to write about this as much as I want to just talk about it.

So we started here with all the precutting & presewing.

And then at the workshop had several steps to do (pics 1 after another after another)

1. gemini sky step 4, 2. gemini sky step 5, 3. gemini sky step 6, 4. gemini sky step 7

For a while I was fooling myself into thinking that I really didn’t “know” the pattern.

I saw step 8. Then I had to make a decision about the coloring based on my light fabrics being different.

Once I settled on the grouping, I had things spread out everywhere in this tiny room!

But I pinned part of the ‘color choice’ design to my design wall.

So here’s the center (taken inside).

But as you can see a galloping horse in the middle of the lighted forest would see this way.

Which I admit, is pretty nice.

Then the way I have the ta-da triangles to make the first blocks, you can see one section of it here.

Pin it down to sew.

Some of my “fat quarters” of fabrics sewn on the ta-da triangles.

Hopes this helps explain a little better. Watch the finished size, does not mean finished size of unfinished HST! Who knew?!!

What do you think about doing mystery quilts??