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18.0 What hot quilt version do you like better?

August 5, 2011

So, I’m still torn.  Quilt on point, or quilt with diamonds in the center or not?

This? Option 1

This?  Option 2

This? Option 3

This? Option 4

Comment away if you have a preference.  I still don’t exactly.


EDITED after a few comments:  The colors in the quilt blocks themselves and the colors in the border blocks are just some fabrics I found in EQ7 rather than the blocks on my actual quilt. I didn’t feel like putting up the actual blocks that I would use when messing with the setting solutions.

And the color on the setting cornerstones/parallograms are actually a darker orange/black fabric that must have looked a little lighter to my camera.  I thought what I had in the computer was ‘close enough’ to the real color, but when I got a comment there was purple … huh … they’re not purple, but orange on black.  Just so you know.

Size for the quilt, closer to bed size, option #1 measures to be 66 x 81, and I have a queen bed, so uh, I may have to add more border on the outside or another row/column of blocks (maybe) to do option #1.  But people seem to be liking it. 🙂

…. Or I could just have a short quilt, because I don’t know for sure if this is actually going on my bed or just going to be a quilt to snuggle with in the cold (hard to believe there is cold after this heat) … still thinking here.

Options 2-4 are closer to 77 x 88 which is closer to bed size.