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38.2 Winslow Corners quilt idea

August 9, 2015

I have had the privilege of sewing many days after work this week. Mindless sewing mainly from leaders & enders I was putting into place from a while ago.

After my “turn-it-around” sewing room organization from a week ago, I have been motivated by the fact that I can actually watch my computer screen for entertainment instead of constantly being turned around to see what’s been on the screen.

I have been motivated by taking an old reality series that I have watched most seasons of, rewatching them years later. I forget easily, so this time it’s like watching ‘new-old’ television.

So I have some distraction that is not too distracting and that, in turn, is motivating me to keep working and working. Almost as if it was March-A-Long again.

Anyway, my leaders & enders are resulting in 16 patches of the cool color family.

16 patch blocks

So far, I have mindlessly sewn 30 of them.

I had made a “pattern” for this quilt a while ago and have had this idea for a scrap quilt for a while. I don’t need 30 of the 16 patches for the finished quilt. Here’s the quilt.

arkansas crossing x and o quilt

I have a light grey and want to use some of the extra neutrals from the quilt I made for Laura for the alternate blocks.

I don’t have the pattern centered or bordered or anything, but yes, I have printed out the paper pieced X blocks, aka album blocks.

I have heard several names for this quilt:

  • X’s and O’s
  • 16 patch and album blocks
  • Arkansas Crossroads

I do have a small history with quilting in Arkansas now. I travel there every fall (so far) for a quilting retreat. Northeast Arkansas, not incredibly far away from the KC area.

A tiny town called Winslow, there is a couple who run a B & B cabins (Sky-Vue) that host 16 quilters who come & sew for an extended weekend. If you have followed me any time in the fall, you have heard me talking about it.

Anyway, I want to make a quilt with a name something like Winslow Corners or possibly Sky-Vue crossing.

Using these no-thinking blocks out of my ever growing scrap pile.

That’s been a vague direction I have been quilting in this week.

I haven’t started on the paper piecing portion, but now have 30 of the 16 patch blocks. It’s so easy to make these 16 patch blocks.

Surely more of these blocks will go somewhere else if I run out of  paper piecing blocks (x blocks).


I have also made some random half square triangles in sets of 4 that I want to match with my pinwheel blocks someday.


I also have a small sewing mat for my sewing foot pedal.

I have a wandering foot, but I like to elevate the back of my foot and sew more evenly. I frequently have a phone book by and/or under my sewing machine foot pedal.

I just made this late this afternoon, so I haven’t yet tried it out. I have the non stick gripper on the front and back, and to give the pad some “oomph” to simulate raising the foot pedal some, I have a piece of folded over fabric that is folded over two small batting scraps inside.

It’s really batting, fabric, then a binding stitched around that whole block. Then I have a ‘stopper’ of rolled up batting sewn down in a pocket on the top.

I was inspired by this tutorial, but did not follow it directly. I read it a few weeks ago and then when I gotten the “gist of it” I created from vague memory today.

Anyway, it’s been a week of happy sewing, I hope this post finds you well. No matter if you meet in the crossroads of arkansas or elsewhere.

Still marinating about my “next biggest bestest quilt” for the quilt show in 2 years. Glad to not really think about it too hard yet.


34.2 Kings puzzle borders cometh

February 23, 2014

The very exciting Kings Puzzle quilt was brought out again last week.

The quilt guild was lucky enough to receive a presentation about “something blue” by a local quilter – Barb Eikmeier.

During that presentation Barb showed a blue & white version of the King’s Puzzle quilt by Lois Hattleberg. Lois & Barb are friends.

Lucky me that I was able to show my red and black version of the same quilt top at the meeting Barb attended, so she got to see the version I made.

royal red kings puzzle shown at guild 2

And I opened my mouth & said something about making borders at the retreat the following weekend (last weekend from this time frame).

So I brought the top, and an assortment of deep red fabrics, and my graph paper.

The first evening of the retreat, just doing some drawing & some thinking I think I figured out what I want to do for borders for this top that will compliment & hopefully not detract from the wonderful piecing of this top.

kings puzzle border plan and ispiration fabric

Since the Kings Puzzle quilt in a bargello style quilt, mimics the style of an orange peel design, I looked at the red fabric with orange peel pieces that also reminded me of a cathedral windows quilt setting.

And I have made a cathedral windows style quilt with the 10 minute block method before!

So I came back to this quilt on the last day of retreat (had a few other things on the ‘had to do’ list first), and started thinking & playing with scale & design.

I have cut the center pieces of the cathedral window blocks, I actually am going to make a change to my first cuts so I can border the cathedral windows differently on some blocks, but I am still using the bright red fabric in the centers of the blocks.

I am going to make an outer border & an inner border of red that have some of those cathedral window blocks in between.

I wanted the very outer border to have a darker red border. I have two acceptable options.

Option #1 – the best option right now.

kings puzzle with first option border fabric

A close up of the same fabric (colors slightly off due to flash etc). This is what I like best right now still.

kp border solution 1

But this next fabric would be nice too, I think. I don’t have enough (yet) of this fabric, but I like the darkness of it more. But not so much the chevrons (doesn’t work as much in THIS design. Or the thing seems very purple to me too.

kp border solution 2

I have been thinking about next year’s regional quilt show, and wondering in the back of my mind if I can push through all the way to finishing this quilt to get it done before the deadline for that show. This is one that speaks to people a lot.

If not, I will try to enter my exothermic wonders quilt in the regional show. If they let me. The finish date for “Exothermic Wonders” was Christmas 2012 so by June 2015 it will be 2.5 years old which is .5 years out of the ‘acceptable quilt age’ for this particular show. So maybe not.

Better press on with King’s Puzzle.


34.1 Dragons Unleashed

February 22, 2014

My dragon was so scary on the gold, that an evil wizard decided to encase him in in wood.

dragon wood border

A valiant knight heard tale of this viscous dragon. He set off on a quest to try to slay him.

knight sihlouette

First the knight had to find his way among the circular maze of the Celts.

celtic knot original placement

The dragon then encased himself in a wall of fire & flame.

celtic section and dragon section

The knight, confused, warm, walking in circles, called upon the angels for help.

celtic angels

A castle in the background will be calling for help and the success of the knights’ travels.

Stay tuned for that portion of the story after these messages (other projects)


26.0 SQ Ep 044 (42) – Life the Universe and Everything

June 10, 2012

Podcast feed

Wow, I had a post the other day called Happy Towel Day, and in that post I showed a lot of pictures to what I’m talking about with this episode.

Maybe I shoulda waited to post those?


Douglas Adams seems to be showing us his version of satire of the world today (in the 80’s lets not split hairs here), a la Heather Odover at CraftLit regarding how she’s viewing Gulliver’s Travels on her podcast.**

Adam’s best known works is the trilogy in 5 books of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I LOVE the audiobook version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy narrated by Stephen Fry found on audible! The rest of the books are narrated by Martin Freeman (Arthur Dent in the movie).

And the books are in order:

This series has caused its own fan base / cult following, and can be abbreviated as H2G2.

The recent H2G2 movie that was made had some good points and was slightly different from the books (as always).

So Hitchhiker’s Guide.

… Err… Ummm…

I made a background.

And the beginnings of a quilt.

But you’ve SEEN all this in my previous post about Towel Days!

What you haven’t seen is how this all works.

The Twist N Stitch Ruler makes twister blocks.

The Twist N Stitch ruler, if you can’t find it at your LQS can be found at Amazon.

And it comes with this little paper guide that shows how to make your “pre cut” quilt of squares and borders.

Each fabric transition is the center of a twister block.  June Taylor calls these pinwheels, but somehow I just can’t bring myself to say that.

There is a large section in the podcast where I discuss this technique of using the Twist N Stitch ruler.

And compare it to the Shape Cut ruler, also from June Taylor. Here’s a larger one than I have. This really large one would be really nice!

Also mentioned in the episode

Look at the variations of Jack’s Chain quilt at my new friend, Annika’s blog: She’s got German and English versions of her posts.

And lots of interesting designs too.

CaithnessCraftCollective a big ol Hello!

** No disrespect intended regarding Douglas Adam’s personal views on religion … just looked at wikipedia article & his views may not match up with your current views & beliefs.  Only mentioning because it’s in the beginning of the article.  Obviously I don’t really know the answer to “life the universe & everything.**

Music & Audio

space_stop.mp3 by fonogeno (the ironic music)

audio clip from audio book Hitchhiker’s Guide

audio clip from YouTube Video So Long and Thanks for All the Fish.

(a rerun)

Fly away to Summer Sun by Albert Forsell





Scroll down down down to see the answer to Life, the Universe & everything. (If you didn’t see it in the previous post).









It’s pretty cool.






Not the answer is pretty cool, but the image. Of the quilt.











Which almost makes me not want to finish this quilt.













Quilt as seen on my design wall in front of a window with light streaming behind it (before backing and quilting). Isn’t that neet!?


25.9 A little more progress on the back of this quilt

June 9, 2012

Here’s a progression of the BACK of my exothermic wonders quilt. Done in picture form (mainly)

It started with ‘these blocks’ I made at the retreat in feb.

And then I made some of ‘these blocks’. (A consideration for the alternate blocks I had made last winter).

And I put them together in the center.

And then I found some more pieces and cut them up for some first borders.

And then put away for a while. Got back out, made several more borders without pictures. Mainly out of pieces from this quilt top.

Above pieced borders were done but not attached until tuesday (of this week) morning.

Now I am out of the black fabric used in this quilt, so anything beyond has to be from the overbuying fabric for the top of this quilt.

One more set of borders (already cut a while ago), but not quite the right size for the back of the quilt yet.

At this point this would be a nice top in itself, but I am shy of being 4 inches larger on each side for the top of my exothermic quilt. So I’ll add more borders still.  I want these last borders to be larger and less pieced in case anything gets chopped off it’s just the borders that don’t have any personality.

And here’s a picture of the top that this quilt backing goes with.

Excited to be using pieces of my stash to get this thing made.

And no I don’t believe that all quilt backs HAVE to match the quilt tops, but THIS ONE does. 😉


22.8 Chunked

February 13, 2012

I am THIS CLOSE to being done with my quilt ….

the center …


  • borders (three)
  • batting (black, need to purchase)
  • backing (need to piece don’t have large piece yet, also not planned)
  • quilting
  • binding – have this planned

And next weekend I’ll be at a retreat that I am excited to work on something else.


But for now lets show you what I did with the chunking on this quilt.

I started with chunking before I even knew how to chunk. Last weekend (Super Bowl weekend), I took one direction, lets say the south west direction in this photo, and sewed all the sashing directly onto the blocks.

Then, I took all the opposite rows of sashing, south east, and sewed them onto the corner stones. Took last weekend to do, lots of sashing & cornerstones, lots of time.

It took Saturday morning and Sunday morning to start sewing the side sashing to the block.

Jaye’s method of chunking involves sashing on both corners to be done first, and then, treating groups of blocks as pieces of blocks.

So I sewed Saturday morning, the 1st middle group together, then afterwards, noticed I flipped the light & dark pattern of my blocks, so I had to rip them out on a long car ride during the day.

Then I resewed the block of four blocks, and sewed another group of four blocks, being careful to alternate my seams. Then two groups of four blocks became a block of 8 blocks. 2 X 4.

If you can really tell I did that again. And I sewed the corners down in rows of three rows.

The longest seam will actually be 5 blocks deep, which is a far cry from the 8-9(?) that are in the quilt from corner to opposite corner.

Good thing is, there are only 2 seams that long, and 3 seams that are 4 blocks deep.

Currently I am trying to get motivation to sew the last few seams together so I can show it off at the meeting tomorrow night.

But I am getting a little sleepy. If I don’t do it now, I may not do it. I mean we have a guild meeting on valentines day.

And I don’t have an extra day off wednesday to recuperate this time.

Next weekend is retreat! Sewing galore!

Well gotta go finish, or work on finishing.


22.1 Strip sets & templates

January 11, 2012

Today, I was waiting for a package that didn’t arrive.

I had some extra time off of work today, so I was able to work a little bit more on my side blocks for my exothermic quilt.

I had 14 sets of paper foundations to cut out for this quilt, now down to 2 sets left to cut.

I took Valerie’s suggestion about a glue stick to join the pieces, so I joined about 10 of these sets together, traced around some other pieces for templates, taping paper to my windows.

Don’t ask why I didn’t think of glue stick on my own. I love using glue stick for quilting & applique.  Anyway …

In helping with some of the paper piecing of my design I decided to make graduated strip sets of orange since I had bought all this orange for the right color for my quilt.  And I really like the effect of these oranges next to each other.

This would make a pretty start to a bargello quilt, don’t you think? (i’m not joining the quilt along necessarily – but something to keep in mind for later).

And I haven’t calculated it exactly, but I think I only need 3-4 strip sets, and this gives some complex colors to a simple(ish) block.

Here is an overlay of some of the paper templates from EQ7.

I found it a little bit hard with the paper templates, so I created some plastic templates for cutting these strips, which meant I got to use my open door with the natural light for my light box. Ahh good times.

Tomorrow is back to work and then after work I may be busy with things other than sewing.

Oh, and last night was our guild meeting, and I got to see the new opportunity quilt that will be auctioned off in July. Wanna see?



21.4 False Advertising

December 14, 2011

I’ve been tearing my hair out this week / weekend.

Let me explain … no there is too much … lemme sum up.

  • I need a quilt for my bed see
  • I was in a defunct swap of hot flashes see  see
  • I made some choices about the design to have darker alternate blocks see
  • I threw away (for another project) the borders for this quilt see
  • I decided the black was too black reworked the design again see
  • I cut out tons of papers for paper piecing & made 1 block on retreat see
  • Then friday, “well I don’t like the grey”
  • Looking at new design
  • Then saturday, made a different block with my currently purchased fabrics
  • “that looks like poo”.
  • “Make it look like the picture  [EQ drawing]”. “That’s what I want”
  • Buying several orange fabrics that are now the right color.
  • Prewash batiks before cutting

Wanting to throw the whole thing out now.

But I still need a quilt for the bed.

Have to get over a hump in creating & be all Nike “just do it”.

The picture evidence of my quilting frustration

Here’s a picture to the block that I finished per the original design.

And here’s how it looked in the middle of the brighter blocks.

Which this block I could live with, even if the ‘grey isn’t all that great’. BUT, it took FOREVER to do – LOTSA pieces.

So I switched to a different block.

I have to admit, due to the color value of the drawing in EQ & the value of the actual fabric, there IS a difference.

A “false advertising” of the block on EQ compared to real life due to the amount of flash I had on the fabric when transporting it into EQ.

Here’s the advertised colors in the quilt (due to the flash):

The quilt has a ‘bright orange’ center to the ‘trumpet block’ as the alternate block.

When I took my fabric pictures for the EQ7 quilt, I didn’t do a good job at managing the color value of the actual fabric.

Silly me.

The two ‘reds/orangereds’ are actually more of the same color.

So I really was advertising incorrectly.  So if I can now just find the “perfect orange” to get the correct orange.

I did some shopping on the weekend (took me way too many days to get all these pictures managed – this post is in the works for like 4 days – ugg) & bought way too many oranges

…. in addition to the oranges I bought on line ….

And perhaps I found the perfect one:

This is my replacement orange block:

My quilt picture shows the dark orange in the middle, but I just might go with even lighter orange to give it a little bit of pop.

I just have to make some “half 4 patch” blocks for the corners & I am almost there.

And I have to sew curved seams.

Shouldn’t be too bad, can’t take near as long as it does paper piecing the grey block.

If I had only gotten the correct value in EQ to begin with … this never woulda happened. Ugg.

Be careful with your flash if you’re going to show the EQ drawing to anyone & want to actually base your colors to what you see in EQ.  Otherwise you may be falsely advertising too.



17.7 Reality Check

July 24, 2011

I wrote an e-mail to Nonnie about my podcasting experience through a survey she had sent out on Big Tent.

When it got to the editing section, boy did I really analyze the use of my time on podcasts.

I will not bore, err, scare, err intimidate, err enlighten you with the lengthy list of things that I do for a podcast, unless requested.

The good news is that other podcasters don’t spend anywhere near the time that I do, and so if you’re ever holding back with podcasting because of what I say, just know that I am NOT the norm.

Just know that if you’re a slow poke, perfectionist that tends to say the wrong words, stutter, trip over your own tongue, puts together (sometimes) lengthy blog posts, and wants to discuss a topic that has to be researched, that you’ll likely have the same frustration experience as I do.

Overall it was a good reality check.

… in other news …

My computer was being a pain this morning so I got to sewing… two days in a row.

This weekend:

Pinwheels for me.

Pinwheels for others (some of them).

Rulers on the wall. (yes first time hanging them)

Exothermic something (the orange and yellow quilt) flags, sewing the blocks together – finally.

Center of the Disappearing 4 patch sewn together.

Reality check on D4P:

This disappearing four patch is meant as a practice piece, but I don’t know if it’s useful at this size.  Will not tend to hang on the wall, but already took apart and tried the technique.  Will see if this will work as a lap quilt with borders.

And I worked on both the harlequin quilt top in EQ7 (which gave me my current blog background), and the Exothermic quilt borders.

Reality check on Exothermic:

I spent a TON of time looking at the borders, which were meant to be a solution for using the leftover bits from making the blocks.  The blocks I was left with was:

Well the black isn’t in the block yet, so I had to work out the size the block would be first.

But the direction of the strips limited my initial exothermic quilt design a bit. the strips I thought would be more going along the bias instead of jutting out like this.  Which means something different to the design symmetry of the piece.

I came up with what I feel is a reasonable solution:

I think I finally got the black and silver border to be the correct width to give the blocks outside the correct height / width.  That took me a long time.

Not so sold on the corner squares in the absolute outer edge, but I am waiting to see if I love this layout or not.  Hard to gauge without going through the trouble of putting in all my fabrics.


11.9 Quilt Back Completed

February 6, 2011

While procrastinating on the latest podcast (well I worked for like 15 minutes on it today), I finally decided 2 things.

I decided to take some red and blue and yellow fabrics and create THIS quilt for the bed

The quilt is the ‘roman stripe’ quilt with a 6 inch finished red, 1 and a half inch finished dark blue, and a half inch finished yellow stripe.

The quilt block behind is from Quilter Geek Julie’s recent post on pink and black quilts, which I almost considered using (there’s a drawing in here of that one too – not shown).

Which made me cut my (red) fabric(s).  I was trying to go for only one red, but I think I am running out with only one, so I am mixing it up here.  And I am packing up my blue and yellow fabrics to cut during a guild retreat soon.

Which lead me back to looking at my fabrics, and knowing I don’t didn’t have a back for my ribbons and bows quilt, my mind started thinking and planning … which is a scary good thing.

I originally saw a good size of a plain black on black fabric when I was making my Make it Sew project.

Shucks, it was too small … leaving me to put aside.

Today I saw the burgundy fabric for the bed quilt and thought about piecing the back of my bows and fans quilt.

I didn’t take many any pictures, because I started going and thinking.  I had just purchased a fat quarter of a Japanese style fabric last month, so let’s put the back together with scraps of black and color!

But let’s also slice it on one side and reverse the color!  Yeah cool!

The front is so symmetrical, the back didn’t want to be symmetrical too.

Here are the front and back together.

Anyway, I really like this back.  I tend to really like following my hunches.

But because I stole some batting from this quilt for the small kitchen wallhangings, I am slightly short of batting again.  Time to go back to get a little bit more!

I have a lot of projects to take on retreat with me.  Gathering supplies today, it’ll come before I know it!