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38.5 Royal Red King’s Puzzle – Bloggers Quilt Festival Entry

October 25, 2015

I had to highlight this wonderful quilt of mine at least one more time in honor of the Bloggers Quilt Festival hosted by Amy’s Creative Side

I have been thinking and wondering if this quilt should be entered in more than just this show, in addition to the Kansas City Quilt Festival last June, and the local guild show.

royal red kings puzzle at KCQRF

The quilt as I recall measures 80″ on each side and is very square. I haven’t thought of it as a two color quilt or a monochromatic quilt, but it really is.

The center is a color-modified version of the Pattern King’s Puzzle, in which I changed the background colors to accommodate my amount of the middle fabric. I have always been partial to red and black color combination.

The borders are completely my own design, using the 10 minute block technique, and the 5 minute block technique, paying particular attention to the fabric choices on the blocks.

Then, in between fabrics, I introduced unfilled piping to create the thin black line running from 10 minute block to 10 minute block.

This “glamour shot” was done at another quilting friend who did some quilting for me for two other quilts. This picture (below) was taken back in May before the quilt was bound before the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival.

Royal Red styled on porch swing

My quilt didn’t win anything at the Quilt festival, and I heard one or two nice comments, in particular when I was picking up my quilt at the end and someone could see the quilt & the maker together.

Judges comments were that they liked the dimensional elements to the quilt in particular – aka – the raised part of the 10 minute block, 5 minute block, and piping.

I also had a few out of town/state friends come and look at my quilt in person during the show, which still means the world to me!

Enjoy the festival!


25.5 Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2012

May 18, 2012

I’ve never done this before, but it can’t be too hard, right?

In the midst of looking at fantastically done quilts, mainly done on longarms at the Machine Quilter’s Showcase, I am going to show you here something that I have A) finished, B) hangs on my wall C) truely love and D) has walking foot quilting.

Sunflower Patio Dreams

This picture is probably my best full on picture which was taken while at the show we did back in July of last year. Which is why the paper is pinned on the left of it.

I took a simple pattern about Daisies and duplicated, rotated, enlarged and changed some of the flowers and leafs. I designed my own flower pots.

The birds I copied applique patterns from Award Winning Applique Birds. I decided they lived in the patio too.

The quilting is cross hatch along the blue background, as my original idea was looking through a window at the birds on a hypothetical back porch.

For the longest time I was confused weather these were daisies or sunflowers, but in the end they looked like sunflowers more.  I found out there are lots of centers of sizes of sunflowers  out there in the world, and these were closer to some type rather than others.

I offer up my simple quilt in the festival as my first ever entry to the 2012 Spring Quilt Festival. I am a little disappointed that there is realistically no reason for me to be at quilt market as it’s happening in my own backyard (theoretically).

But my day at Machine Quilter’s Showcase yesterday was fantastic and I’ll share more about all of it really really soon. At least that’s my hope!

If you happen to want to attend a quilt show with fantastic quilting and you’re still in Kansas City, pop down to Overland Park tomorrow 9-3 and I’m sure you’ll have a good time!