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31.0 Quilt show middle sized quilts, part two

July 21, 2013

Last weekend we had our quilt show and I am finally starting to get pictures transferred from my computer to the internets.

I think I took over 300 pictures, so this big task has been looming over my head for a while.

So I’ve been hanging out and quilting instead.  But as the quilt show post is the first ‘blog post UFO’ I’ll work through some of those pictures first.

We had 3 major categories of quilts, small quilts, twin quilts, and queen/king quilts.  All determined by size. I’m going to start off with pictures of the middle sized quilts as they were first to be photographed.

Well at least the ones that got in on that side of the show. There were a few smaller and larger quilts thrown into this section of the show.315

First is the DWR (Double Wedding Ring Quilt). Applique is not a stranger to members of this guild and adds to this quilt quite a lot. Done by the guild president.


I liked this quilt, it is funky colors. And triangles. Lots of triangles. Half Square Triangles.


This quilt is by our quilt show coordinator most years and designer. This quilt has been seen in the local quilt shop before. She probably has a pattern for this quilt.


This is just amazing amount of piecing and work. This was part of a two and a half year project and/or class/and or BOM (I wasn’t part of it) and there are several ladies who tackled this pattern. The name escapes me right now, but I do remember it’s not Dear Jane, but one of the other ones like it.


This quilt is a paper pieced version of a BOM that I wanted to do in dark blues.  I have loved this pattern for years. Somehow I think this was hung such that I couldn’t get the full quilt in the picture sadly.


I have always liked the “Priscilla style” blocks in EQ and love the edging on this very modern looking quilt. This was one that we folded in order to binder clip the quilt to the backside. I hope this quilt survived the fold okay after it was taken down (didn’t see, too much else going on).


Love the subtle blues and browns in this quilt.


Someone’s little owls!


Not my colors in particular, but it was one of the guild pass around Pizza Box blocks and I made two of the blocks for this little guy! Turned out great with the sashing!


I like the mountain feeling this quilt gives!


Wild colors, and the black spirograph fabric is wonderful!


This was one of our minglewoods. I think this was another BOM and/or class as this quilt was done in several colors throughout the year.

I hope you enjoyed part 2 of the quilt show. I will try to get parts 3 & 4 & 5 done sooner, but some of it depends on upload speeds & my patience.


26.1 Guild Night!

June 12, 2012

Tonight is guild night! I get excited about guild night for several reasons.

1) I get to ‘stay up late for it’

which usually means that

2) I come back all excited

3) I zonk out the next day (takes a large amount of nasty, acid green, highly caffeinated beverage to keep me coherent the next day)

But other good reasons to go are

4) I get to see something new that someone (local) has done, get experienced in seeing lots of types of quilts usually, OR

5) I get to try a new technique with the guild, like make a scissors fob, a little carrier case, a microwavable bowl, littlefoot paper piecing …

6) I get to take pictures of and see other people’s quilts and then in the next month or two put those pictures on our website

7) I get to see what we’re working on for or group BOM’s (what others have done) and get to see my next month’s bom.

8) I get to see lots of embroidery (including twilling), and occasionally hand quilting going on during the meeting itself.

9) This means I can also hand piece, embroider or hand quilt my own stuff that I bring to the meetings.

10) I get to talk with a lot of my (not all) in person quilting friends.

You want to see what I’ve done for my BOM’s so far? There are only 2 months in, and tonight I’ll get a chance to think about the 3rd.

April’s Block

May’s block (a little personal blurring occured)

… that’s it. I’ve been waiting for a chance to use this pattern to embroider that I believe I got for free somewhere.  It’s SO CUTE and just fits the new block owner perfectly.

I hear there are other BOM’s that are also embroider, but they haven’t shown up yet, so I don’t know if they’ll be the same album block design or not.

So far they look traditional, and they are to a point, but we’ve got some applique coming, and a kalidescope type block, and some random HST’s coming too.

Tonight the rest of them are doing a christmas in July swap. For me I think this one I’m passing on.  Just Cuz.


17.3 SQ Episode 027 – Behind the Scenes

July 17, 2011

Podcast Feed

We’ve gone behind the scenes of the local quilt show.

First there are questions about how you want to organize your show, meant for reflection on how your current show is running or how you could work on a new show.


  • Location
  • Publicity
  • Organization of Tasks
  • Manual Labor
  • Timing
  • Organization of Quilting Categories
  • Rules on who can participate in the show

Also discussing my role in the show

  • At the embroidery booth

  • Taking Pictures of the Show

  • Talking with our featured quilter
  • Hanging out at the garage sale

  • Looking at the opportunity quilt

  • Checking out the back of this quilt

  • Getting candid pictures of the setup

For photos of the quilts themselves, go to the guild’s shutterfly page.

Music provided by:


From mevio’s music alley: Held Together by Rod Kim


15.7 SQ Episode 025 – Quilt Show Trifecta

May 28, 2011

Podcast Feed

I went to three quilt shows during the month of May:

The Kaw Valley Quilt Guild Show

Here is a slide show from the show.

And if you can’t see the embedded pictures, here is the link to my flickr slide show and set.

The Greater Kansas City Area Quilt Guild Show

Here is a slide show from the show.

And if you can’t see the embedded pictures, here is the link to my flickr slide show and set.

Machine Quilter’s Showcase

Here is a slide show from the show.

And if you can’t see the embedded pictures, here is the link to my flickr slide show and set.