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UFO Hit List – Targets for July 2012

July 20, 2012

So you remember my recent hairbrained scheme to help me get rid of my UFO’s? My Hit List?

This is going to be sorta like the finish along goals, only personal targets.  May post APB’s for groups of quilts at a time.

Target List Today

Today’s Target is a single quilt of 2 parts:

The Exothermic Wonders Quilt & Exothermic Wonders Quilt back

Fraternal twins

One half of the quilt is done, the top half. This is the highlighted, shiny, planned side of the quilt.

The debonaire brother that has style class and alternating blocks.

Showing many kinds of techniques like curved piecing, strip piecing, paper piecing, chunking, sashing & cornerstones.

Wanted since: 2011

Aliases: Hot flashes

Latest artist rendering of the quilt.

The other half of the quilt is what is wanted, more highly charged.

The back half of the quilt, the rough, free flowing, go with the flow kind of quilt.

The scruffy brother that may or may not be in trouble with the law.

Still in progress, but very close to completion & capture.

Showing many kinds of techniques like varied pieced borders, center medallion themes.

Wanted since: 2012

Latest artist rendering of the quilt.

Both quilts wanted in conjunction for the same quilt.

Be on the lookout for this UFO. Dangerous & HOT!