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13.4 Saturday on Tuesday

March 8, 2011

This week, like one of every 5 weeks, I have a saturday off on a tuesday.

It feels surreal and wonderful to go to work on monday – usually the busiest day of the week for my shift – and then automatically have the next day off.

And actually, I was ultra lucky because I preplanned for my quilt guild meeting tonight and took tomorrow off in advance too!

So ….

This all means that I have had time to complete things on my lists.

I really need to brush up on my handwriting.

We’ll see how the list thing goes.  In the past, I have written lists and it has paralyzed me.

But I have matured.  Maybe.


Sewing Day Report

This past Sunday, I saw this amazing book that my friend has a pattern in, which I’m going to have to pick up, there are lots of great small projects in this book.

The other friend who also works in the quilt shop was trying to get information about the quilt shop picking up the book, so maybe I’ll wait until I see it there and help a whole bunch of people out instead of just helping out Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Or since the other friend works in the interlibrary loan department of her library, perhaps I should check it out instead.

I’ll give you more details as I know them.  Right now I have to go to the one blog to remember the title and stuff.

I always ask (and usually forget, so most likely re-ask) about the process of being a designer, how long it takes, how the contracts work, how/if the magazines or books retain the rights to the pattern.

It’s been fascinating to learn.

The other friend who was at the table at the time is a tech editor for a book company, and there was talk about book ideas and copyright, corporate espionage (… well not exactly, but I threw that in to see if you’re paying attention) and all sorts of stuff about do you speak about a book project or not.

Just to make it clear, at this time, I have no intention of going down the book road … but I wouldn’t be opposed to going down a book road in a few years or so … if anything happens and I can actually create real life patterns for people that will sell.

First things first, build up my own skills, have a blast doing it, create good relationships between online and real-life people.  (You know what I mean)


At the sewing day I finished measuring and sewing the front on my tumbling block table runner.


Because of how I ignored the mitered corner trick, I introduced ‘pookers’ in the corners. I had just read a yahoo group explanation of how to handle this too … days before this was done. And the author of the group solution was sitting right across from me at the sewing day.

Frankly, I was more worried about measuring the length of the binding at the time, and truthfully, right now, pookers don’t bother me.  Next time, I’ll want to rip that out and redo it.  Probably.  Maybe.

If you’re wondering, I kept in the stitching I did at the retreat.  I mean, why was I worried about something that I cannot see well either due to my thread color matching awesomeness?

I have more stitching to share from today and from Sunday, but I’ll break it up so I can scoot to Quilt Guild.