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32.9 Driving to and from SkyVue Lodge in Winslow, Arkansas

November 17, 2013

A week ago I was getting home from a relaxing retreat in Arkansas.

arkansas mountains

We were there about a week or two after the peak leaf-viewing season or so.

Some retreat experiences out of the norm.

On the way, we went to a quilt shop with consignment – Village Quilting in Bentonville, AR.

village quilting consignment area

The ladies had cards they were sending out to the service men & women. So I signed one.

letters to soldiers

And they had a completed small version of the quilt I was SO SURE I wanted to work on at retreat when it turned out that I didn’t have enough fabric (haven’t posted it yet).


And those of you who know me know I would love making that quilt, and I will some day.

The quilt shop lead us to a great local Bentonville cafe, The Station. Yum!


Yummy sandwiches & they serve kolaches (didn’t get one, but kolaches are from my past) & pies. And license plates.


And then we were in Winslow Arkansas at a wonderful bed & breakfast called the Sky-Vue Lodge. Where they go out of their way to be nice, help with bags, feed us well every day & night, love on us, & let us love on them back!

We have our normal sewing room.


With lots of natural light, where we have to play with the window shades in the morning.

We had show & tell somewhere in the middle when I was still awake!! And I was very happy!




And we heard about Moore, OK & El Reno, OK tornadoes a week apart from Kaye (who brought the minibar/shop)


Saw this quilt being put together all weekend.


And this one “sew stinkin’ cute!”


… using a fabric called “cuddle” which is a softer, lighter less textured version of minke fabric. So it was “sew stinkin soft” too.

And there were a few off/road adventures which I readily welcomed as part of my “vacation”.

The arts museum across the street had different items on display.





Complete with yarn bombed poles & trees!


And on Saturday, we adventured to the craft show at the fire station. These handbags I loved & thought about getting.


And this sweet doggie hadn’t really been inside much before.


I bought three knitted hats from the lady who brought the doggie! (pictures on other device)

And on the way back, we went to an inside sale. Basically an ongoing garage sale inside some lady’s house (never been to one before). At the inside sale, we saw a couple of old ruined quilts, one of which was over quilted on a completed quilt.


Beyond repair.

She had pretty linoleum flooring though. Quiltworthy flooring.


Up in the wonderful mountains.


Another top from someone else’s finish!


And we all got T-Shirts from the lady who does the massages who has some form of PT training as well. She apparently knows her stuff and so I am glad to help her advertise with the far-out shirts she gave out!


And here is what I was working on, the King’s Puzzle.



28.6 SQ Ep 049 – What to take on Retreat

November 21, 2012

podcast feed

As I was posing the question about what to take on retreat, I was hit by a question out of the blue about retreats on my Facebook wall.

I was happy to see that many different answers to the question, what do you advise a retreat newbie provided three answers to my questions.

First, bring things for personal comfort, such as food, fuzzy socks etc.

Second, bring things for supplies for projects – don’t forget your sewing machine if you’re a machine sewist. (most of us are!)

Third, reflect on the types of projects you’re taking – always precut, take more than you think, decide what’s useful for you to finish

In the longest section I discuss what it was like to be at my current retreat.

The biggest quilt was the samurai sudoku quilt top center finish.

Next was helping the near 10 year old with designing and sewing this block.


After the samurai was taken care of, I worked on these two blocks and made parts for more blocks.

And you can see the difference in the blocks and their construction.

And here’s the chilly pre-thanksgiving view from my porch this morning, testing out a camera option.  Luckily it will get nice and toasty today.


That’s all for now.  Look for BFSI quick post.

Additional music

Walking with your bare feet on by Erin Dickens


23.1 Post Retreat Report

February 26, 2012

This week has been crazy fun and then back to normal.

The thing I worked on first at retreat was my exothermic wonders quilt borders.

This is as far away from the quilt top as I could get with it on the floor.  So the borders are on the quilt, nice and simple.

Like the drawing that I did in EQ a while ago.

And I was attempting to piece the back the next day and instead I created a wallhanging with the  leftover pieces from the defunct borders on this quilt.

See my design wall, by the way, 3M strips and binder clips or office badge clips. Non permanent and useful.

On the next day of retreat, I cut out, measured and sewed all the sashing strips to my DNA Steps quilt, and with double strips of sashing along the middle pieces and the border, this kept me pretty busy this day.

The pieces are still in pieces, as I want to quilt this in pieces on my machine then sew it together.

And finally, I was working on the borders of my disappearing four patch quilt, but for the life of me do not know why I only photographed it with my iPod camera rather than my real camera.

So the colors seem more washed out in this last photograph than the first. I may donate this quilt once quilted to a local charity, I like it, but this one is probably meant for someone else. small lap quilt size.

See the darker squares in the end, that’s green donated by my new quilting bud who is a math teacher at the local school system.  She and I talked quite a bit because she was an early bird like me. (although way not as early as me).

Silly me, I was going to put red in those squares instead of green. Good thing I had suggestions from others to help me think through that decision.

I was incredibly glad I brought that quilt, because it was a place I was stuck and didn’t know what to do with it and how to measure it and fix it as I ran out of the black and white fabric on the borders.

And when no one else was around to watch, I worked on this and promptly put it away before anyone got up.

As you can see (or not well) I totally need practice.  I don’t think I would recommend free motion quilting through tissue paper.

One strike against me, I forgot my Machiniger’s quilting gloves – So I was gripping and pulling the thing under the machine, which completely ripped up the tissue paper on the sides.

A good idea in theory, but the paper would rip way too easily and then occasionally would get caught under the presser foot.

So now I have to move to pens and tracing quilt patterns rather than quilting over them because I think I may have exhausted my available options (no golden threads quilting paper around here that I know of).

Anyway, it seems I got a lot done, but in truth, I had most of the centers and blocks done prior to going to the retreat.

I think it felt a little bit like cheating. 😉