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23.0 Mathematics and German

February 20, 2012

I really really want to do this pattern that I found from a link off of a link to a site in Germany. At least the website is German and also English. And the pattern is also in English.

I’ve never bought a pattern overseas before, but this would be totally worth it. But I’ve also never really used a quilt pattern before either. Not fully anyway.

The quilt that was created was located here, and I could buy the pattern here.

And I was thinking that the part that scares me the most is the buying something overseas, but I really shouldn’t worry that much, I assume it happens all the time.

I also would be taking a while to match my colors I think.

But I would be totally stoked in making this design!

Stellated icosidodekahedron

If you’re reading this when it posts, I’ll be up the road at a retreat, thinking about/sewing on my own quilts!