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7.6 Podcast Preview Rules and How to break them

August 6, 2010

We all hate the quilt police.

Image from flickr by ” Erica Marshall of

When I started this quilting journey, I learned a ton of ‘rules’ that are usually set up to give you the best quilt you could get in the end.

There are many kinds of rules: ‘design rules, color rules, pressing rules, back stitch rules, applique rules, machine quilting rules, swapping rules, BOM rules’ etc..

Do you follow the rules, break the rules, worry about the rules? Do you encourage others with the quilting knowledge you have, and appear as the quilting police to someone else unintentionally?

What are you thoughts about rules?  Add your thoughts and be a part of the next podcast.

We are down to 3/4 of a computer now, so I can’t actually record anything until some needed parts arrive, but soon … soon.  In the meantime, I’ll be over at the big tent.