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32.8 Preparing for Quilting Retreat

November 6, 2013

Hey all!

I have been busy on the weekends preparing for my now ‘annual’ Arkansas quilting retreat. With an online swap group that doesn’t really talk anymore, and doesn’t really swap anymore either.

But the ladies have been coming for many years and now I have been coming since 2010.

A little sad because the fall’s fearless leader passed away late last fall/winter.  And it will be hard to imagine the retreat w/o her spirit.

But also happy to reconnect with some of the other quilters I have gotten to know over the years.

To prepare I made my own style of pincushion & thread catcher bag.


This doesn’t have stabilizer like I had planned, but oh well it’s just a pincushion bag.

The pincushion is an offset square pincushion.


The name for the pincushion shape is Biscornu and is traditionally done with pretty embroidery/cross stitch patterns on the top.

I used two 5 inch offset squares  to make the pincushion. I stuffed it with walnut shells.

Then went searching around all of creation (aka Kansas city quilt/fabric shops) for the perfect button for the top. I think the resulting button is from Joanns, the last place on my list that day.

I used the tutorial from Merriment Design for the basic bag, self modifying the size of the liner material & outside bag, in addition to adding the Velcro strip to the bag and base.

The base is actually a small square of wood, covered with batting, sewn with a cover (also made with two 5 inch squares).

This would work a tiny bit better with stiff stablilizer sewn just under the top rim of the outside lining.

The Biscornu pincushion sits on the top and provides the weight for the combo even though the actual pincushion is not attached.


Retreat plans (pre-retreat)

For retreat I am going to start ‘two’ new quilts. One I wanted to try to start last year but didn’t like the color values / amount of fabric I had for the color. I am going to retry to start this project up again.

I also am planning to sew the final quilt top together on the hexadaisy plus quilt, the larger, slightly modified version of the small hexadaisy quilt I started this spring.

I have two bindings to attach, one from the strip twist swap blocks from way back in 2010 or so.



This was my first long arm quilt that I only got 3/4 of the way through, and as you can see ‘ol’ blue worked its way to finish the rest of the quilt.

The last section of quilting is not exactly to my liking or standard of the long arm stuff, but at least it is done & just needs a binding.

And a few blocks here & there to work on as leaders / enders – a black version & a white based version.

I had desires to make a twister block pattern I purchased this year, but didn’t have enough fabric for the quilt I wanted to make, even the special dyed fabric I bought for it.

So that fabric will be repurposed and some other time I will make the twister block quilt.

But then this morning (hours before retreat mind you) I was trolling around my own pinterest board this morning & came up with a new variation of a design I have been wanting to do since 2010, a God’s Eye quilt.

Quilters cache has detailed instructions for doing a 20″ God’s Eye block. I had seen the block done w/ HST’s in my 1000 quilt blocks book a long time ago.

So a short time later in EQ7, I created the god’s eye (didn’t see it in the library) & a good alternate block.


If the quilt works out, I’ll consider writing up a pattern for this with HST’s.

The God’s Eye block has a lot of parts to it, but I like it. I know it reminds me of the trumpet block for my Exothermic wonders quilt, but I love the play of these two block sets together.

And with that, I have to commence packing. What’s left is all the extra parts I will need to create these wonderful quilts.

Glad I was able to create the idea for something new.


16.9 Motor Oil and Feet

July 5, 2011

Apparently early last week my quilt came into contact with some oily rags that were used in changing the oil in the truck.  The rags were moved as soon as I saw them, but apparently not soon enough.

I noticed this stain yesterday when I was using the floor as a design wall.  So after a few days, this stain is set in.  The picture below is after rubbing with talc powder to try to absorb some of the oil off the fabric.

As you can see, not awful, but still not gone.  Also not quilted yet, I have been rubbing the talc over the stain with a toothbrush from pin to pin.

This quilt is also 505 spray basted.  But needs to be washed.  To solve the problem I thought of thread basting this quilt so it can handle washing without losing the basting or rusting of the pins.

Thanks to a suggestion or two, I have some washing techniques, dawn detergent, orange detergent.

I also know that if I thread baste and ‘pretend bind’ using the backing as a temporary binding, I can handle getting this quilt wet … otherwise I was wondering if I had to have this quilted before washing.

I can’t get the thing washed yet today, but will try to do this week, maybe Sunday?  I still have to hand baste this before getting this wet, and try another go with the talc.

The picture above was taken yesterday, and the picture below is taken today.  So progress with talc removing some of the oil is helping.

There is quite a bit of powder still on this so it may be obscuring the full set of damage.

Oh, and did I say it smells like motor oil and ‘foot powder’ (the talc I’m using)?

On the bright side, I did get the middle of a top pieced, which lead me to how I got so upset at the whole motor oil to begin with.   Some of you may recognize these blocks:

It’s the strip twist blocks from the swap I did (back in December?).  I finished a few of the missing blocks with some of the scrap fabric swap  pieces and dug into my stash.  Isn’t it a beauty?

And here is the oil stain as I discovered it when laying these new blocks down.

See that?  Just above the red block on the left.  Pretty dark oil stain. How did I not notice this before?

So the hurricane quilt is doing better than it was yesterday when I first discovered the stain.  That picture looks pretty dark in comparison to how I see it now.

Too bad the motor oil took all my excitement for the placement of my strip twist blocks and completely crushed it.  And the excitement I felt after I drove a manual transmission for the first time in like 10 years.

Can’t have it all.  At least I didn’t get too  livid.

Although I do have to admit I was shaking pretty good for about a half hour as I was piecing the top together … just trying to really calm myself before taking any action.  Which helped a great deal.


14.5 Strip Twist Blocks Received Part 1

March 29, 2011

I am very excited to share with you the first set of blocks I received for the strip twist block swap.

They are exactly what I asked for!


I love the variation in these blocks, and yet, there is enough similarity to tie the blocks all in together.  Very bright and bold, very exciting!

My favorite fabric in this is the yellow diamond, but I also love the blue stripe, and one of the reds has little diamonds in it!  Very cool.

All the fabrics are cool, and, best part, none are fabrics I currently have.

Now I can’t wait to see what else I get!


How much fun is this!


13.9 Swap Strip (Almost) Disaster

March 14, 2011

What I originally thought was a misreading of bonnie’s cutting directions for the Strip Twist swap actually was a mis-looking at pictures.

When you create a strip twist block, you sew light, dark, light, dark strips together, as a strip set of 4 colors.

Then you lay two strip sets, facing each other, one strip with the light on the top (far away from you on the cutting mat), and the other strip set with the light on the bottom (very close to you on the cutting mat).

Then you square up the side, and then make a 45 degree cut.

Then you square up the side, and then make another 45 degree cut.

As long as you are consistent, this should work.

Which is what I did.

When I made my yellow butterfly wallhanging, I did just this, but I had two darks next to each other and two lights.

Here is some commentary on the lights and darks I have in this quilt.

As you can see, when you face all the small triangles next to each other, you end up with the problem of two dark prints next to each other.

Luckily, for a two block mini quilt with applique, I can hide the mistake in the pattern.

When I was sewing these strips together, creating the half blocks, I noticed I had a pinwheel in one rotation on the left, and a different rotation on the right, so I started separating these out.

At the retreat, I almost did this quilt, which is half of the blocks that twist only one way.

Which in itself, isn’t a bad block either.

It has symmetry, and looks pretty nice.

Luckily, I decided to actually look at the website, and figure out why I was only getting half blocks.

Low and behold, there was a problem with how much I was twisting my block.  Apparently, not enough.

Each block did not all have tiny triangles to the center, each block had two in the center, and two outward.

The disaster would occur if I did my blocks this way for a swap, and the other partner did her blocks the correct way, and suddenly my partners would have to figure out how to make it all work.


Crisis averted!  Whew! Here is one set of blocks on my design wall showing the correct flipping pattern.

Luckily, my partners for the swap, both seemed to be very lose with the colors they wanted in return for the swap, so I just made all the blocks for both partners, the same way.

I used the ‘jewel toned theme, and these blocks almost didn’t get sent off (because I loved them). I didn’t expect to like something THIS scrappy.

But I did send off the blocks, and I have heard back from both block recipients and both are happy.

I can’t wait to see what comes back to me.

Now to update the flickr group with these blocks.


12.0 Time for a New Swap!

February 8, 2011

A new swap has started!

Swap-bot swap: Quiltcast Member Swap - Strip Twist Blocks
I swap with Swap-bot!

Thanks to Katie of (QuiltedMagnolia fame) Katie’s Quilting Corner for organizing the swap for members of the Quiltcast Supergroup on Big Tent.

Today was the first day of the swap and so time to find out from the partners what fabric choices they like.

I’m excited to get started.  Looks like both my partners like batiks.  And another swap I am going to do for Sew Many Swaps is also wanting batiks, and so, it looks like I have a good direction to go when I enter the quilt shop next time.

I am glad I messed up worked on my strip twist blocks before now on my butterfly project, so I got all my mistakes out of the way.  Very good thing.

I’d love to stay and chat, but I really, really need to nap so I can make it to Quilt Guild meeting tonight.  And tomorrow is our night (afternoon) out, so see ya in a few days.