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16.6 Patience and Persistence

June 23, 2011

Didn’t mean to disappear for the week.  Just busy with life stuff and starting to panic (more) about the upcoming quilt show.

I took my finished (minus some of the beading) Sunflower Patio Dreams quilt to work this week to show it off.

Compliments all around!

The birds have their beaded eyes and the only thing left to stitch before the show is the back /bottom of the sleeve down. (… oh and the ..mmpygh .. *cough* label *cough)

Here’s the red bird with his eye.

And the most often comment I got was: “That’s so beautiful!  I don’t have the patience for that.  How long did that take you?”

To which I said thanks.  And then I said that I worked on it a little bit at a time after lunch sewed down 2 petals or so every day.  So persistence won out.  I also said that I started it in September of 2009, and took a several month break from it several times.  And I said that I still wanted to put beads on the sunflower centers.

I have also pretty much finished my silent auction quilt with the exception of the binding.  And the entire mini sleeve.

Haven’t decided on the name.  Something about early morning colors, but bright eye crushing pink just doesn’t describe the morning light in a positive way as scarlet or crimson.

Also have the borders quilted very very lightly.  Which I may remedy with my own design on the borders that I made up for another quilt.  But my FMQ isn’t all that great yet and I may run out of time.  We’ll see how it goes.

Also getting some thoughts on how to make my purple tilted four patch quilt as you go quilt better.  I think I’ll take a cue from the book I’m borrowing from a friend called, Quilter’s Playtime, and introduce some interrupting strips to make the quilt more artsy.  Still have a few seams to hand sew down on the back, but then I want to add more applique.

Here’s the quilt as it stands.

And the back.

This quilit is definatley not going to win any piecing awards or any free motion quilting awards (some slight tension issues in the middle), but I still may put it into the show.

To do that, I want to make these changes:

Yellow applique strips that cut into all that sashing, and is parallel to the tilt of the blocks.  With a dark gold kicker around the binding and dark purple binding to bring the dark back into the outside.

I may also do (just thinking right now), some little prairie point folded corners in the corners of the binding that mirror the tilt of the blocks.  Not sure how I am going to do this yet, but it may be worth tying the gold back out on the outside.

I have to go, but speaking of patience, persistence, and hexies.  They’ve arrived. Here’s June 12, two weeks ago.

see how they multiply when left to their own devices?

The tribbles of the quilting world.


16.1 Sunflower Patio Dreams Quilt almost finish

June 8, 2011

This quilt has been resurrected with my new sewing machine setup in the kitchen.

The white fishing cabinet is really only there to catch anything that may go wrong with what comes off of the machine.

I didn’t find myself using it much though, most of the weight of the quilt stayed on the table.

This was just after the lines were quilted and there are still threadies over the applique.

And the back.

Here is a closeup of the quilting near a leaf.

Here you can see when putting on the binding how easily the quilt slides from the sewing machine to the table.  Hardly any ridge at all.

And more of the rich binding goodness.

Love the binding.  Probably my best quilt to date.


9.5 Sunflowers vs. Daisies

December 16, 2010

Back in September, I took photographic proof as to why I get so confused when describing my sunflower/daisy patio quilt.

Here are what I believe are small sunflowers:

Notice the dark centers.

Now here are what I believe are daisies:

Notice the lighter centers.

Here are some other pictures of the two types of flowers.

And here is my quilt picture (again):

The darker centers seem to be showing more sunflowers, but the number of petals seem to be saying more daisy.

You see my dilemma now, don’t you.

I am not a botanist, however, so let’s do a little bit of research here.

Actually, when looking at the Kansas guide to Wildflowers and grasses, the flowers I was calling daisy appear to be closer to a Jerusalem Artichoke than anything. 

Photo from the Kansas grasses and wildflower site.

But it is also in the sunflower family, and there really are no daisies in the list of yellow native flowers of Kansas listed. 

A few other sunflower varieties from the website are equally good candidates for the flowers on my quilt, but now I don’t get to call it daisy anything. 

Perhaps sunflower artichoke patio?

I hope this little bit of sunny reminder is a welcome break to the dreariness outside. 

And if you’re not experiencing dreariness, hurray!